About Brain·bi·dextrous

Brainbidextrous: adjective   dexterity using both sides of the brain; mental adroitness; whole-brained
The Brain·bi·dextrous website is dedicated to explaining how creativity uses both sides of the brain.

About Heidi

Image: Heidi Hess von LudewigI am Heidi Hess von Ludewig, the creator of this site. For more than a decade, I worked in the software industry for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of roles before I decided to answer the burning question in the back of my mind: “why do some people in the workplace get their creative ideas listened to and implemented more often than other people?” The result was my interdisciplinary dissertation called “Networked Creativity: Understanding the Process and Effect of Interpersonal and Networked Interactions on Workplace Creativity”.

I research networked workplace creativity from the systems perspective, which means that I examine the relationships of multiple elements within the workplace that influence how individuals and groups perform innovative and creative work. My expertise is in workplace innovation, employee relationships, and understanding the creativity process within specialized contexts such as science and engineering.

My research heavily informs the work I do day-to-day, and I am happy to report that I recently started a new role at Red Hat, interlocking teams across the Customer Experience and Engagement organization. I received my Ph.D. in 2014 from the Communication, Rhetoric and Digital Media program at North Carolina State University.