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Take it from the Kids: The simplest ways to improve creativity

Some time ago, I came across a post about improving creativity called “9 simple ways to be more creative”. It has a nice graphic so I found it attractive. I got a laugh looking at how many adults think they are living up to their creative potential = 25%. So… there are 23% of adults who think they are creative but actually aren’t. Now that’s funny!! Even knowing what I

How the Stress Response Kills Creativity and What To Do

When are you most creative? When have you had the BEST IDEA EVER? Probably when you least expect to be having an idea at all. Cue the hot shower, the peace and quiet on the potty, or the post-coital calm. A friend of mine likes to drive, and she’s always brainstorming and problem solving a half hour into a multi-hour car ride starts. Personally, I like very calm, peaceful, sensory deprived environments;