Will science show that children of older moms are more creative?

I’m a “older mom”. I got preggers for the first time when I was 42, and delivered my beautiful child when I was 43. My pregnancy was generously labeled “AMA”, which for all you youngsters or men or generally not-in-the-know-about-child-bearing people out there means “Advanced Maternal Age”. Nice huh? (Don’t even get me started that a year later I was called Pre-Menopausal…I had an infant at home!) But really, all

Creative activities can be a daunting thing especially when we want the result to be perfect the first time. Perfect as in the result is “done right”, “what we expect”, “exactly what we wanted”, “completely successful”, “without failure or problems”, etc. As adults, I think we forget how to learn and make mistakes, and how to fail, so we expect our creative activities to be like things we have been doing our