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Hello World, It's Me

My manager called, he is encouraging me to write up a blog post about my new role at Red Hat. So I open a browser and surf to my intranet profile to write it and, of course, realize I really need to start an internal blog and not just a one-off post. And I need to start at the beginning, just as I do here. I started work life as

Take it from the Kids: The simplest ways to improve creativity

Some time ago, I came across a post about improving creativity called “9 simple ways to be more creative”. It has a nice graphic so I found it attractive. I got a laugh looking at how many adults think they are living up to their creative potential = 25%. So… there are 23% of adults who think they are creative but actually aren’t. Now that’s funny!! Even knowing what I

Brainbidextrous: Creativity is Feeling then Doing

Brainbidextrous is a site dedicated to explaining how creativity uses both sides of the brain. The left and right sides of the brain are both used in creative work — how much, the degree to which they are used depends on the person.  Sometimes we use the term “creative” to describe only the arts (e.g. the creative arts) and people who work in those fields as creative (e.g. a Creative

Top Five Risks of Creativity (or Why Creativity Takes Courage and Bravery)

This week at work, we had a problem with another department with whom we collaborate. In fact, we have been having some issues with the head of the department who is a peer with my manager. These problems need to be addressed because they are starting to negatively influence our team morale and the collaborative relationships between the departments. After our team meeting, in which we discussed potential strategies, it

Creative activities can be a daunting thing especially when we want the result to be perfect the first time. Perfect as in the result is “done right”, “what we expect”, “exactly what we wanted”, “completely successful”, “without failure or problems”, etc. As adults, I think we forget how to learn and make mistakes, and how to fail, so we expect our creative activities to be like things we have been doing our

Give Up Your Weaknesses (120117)

In my consistent quest for self-awareness, I was chatting with my life coach and we were talking about how we always respond to negative things about ourselves as if they are something we need to improve.  As in we need to constantly improve ourselves, get better and better each moment, day, week, month, year… YAWN. Is there anything more boring than that? (Oh right, a hamster on a wheel, that’s right,

Being a Badass in your Personal Life and Work Life

  Excerpt from You are a Badass: “You’ll probably have to do things you never imagined you’d do because if any of your friends saw you doing it, or spending money it, you’d never live it down. Or theyd be concerned about you. Or they’d stop being friends with you because now you’re all weird and different. You’ll have to believe things you can’t see as well as some things