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More on Creativity (Invention) and Innovation

  In my post, What is Creativity? What is Innovation? I defined the terms and discussed the differences between creativity and innovation. I was reminded of these differences in a recent post I saw from VijayKrKhurana that discusses invention and innovation which I would like to share with you. I think they are well-organize and well-written. In his presentation, he describes invention as the creation part of the innovation process.

What is Creativity? What is Innovation?  (20170124)

There seems to be a great deal of confusion about who is creative… are people who have new ideas considered creative, (but what if those ideas have already been around a long time?), or do we only consider those who start with nothing and end up with something  the true creative types (i.e. inventors, artists)?  Have you ever read this quote by Mark Twain:   There is no such thing as

Creative activities can be a daunting thing especially when we want the result to be perfect the first time. Perfect as in the result is “done right”, “what we expect”, “exactly what we wanted”, “completely successful”, “without failure or problems”, etc. As adults, I think we forget how to learn and make mistakes, and how to fail, so we expect our creative activities to be like things we have been doing our